It just doesn’t feel right

I know, I know, Milton got there first with Eyeless in Gaza.  But who cares, I mean really cares?  Milton, who’s he?  Something to do with a town with a million roundabouts and weird statues of black and white cows.  So, another way in would be “It just doesn’t feel right.”  How often do we hear people say that?  About their bodies, about what they experience.  And the wall of indifference they meet when trying to explain to a doctor that “it just doesn’t feel right.”

And once you start to talk about it people crawl out of the woodwork in hordes.  Those who’ve experienced the frustration of not being listened to.  I thought three years was bad enough but a friend struggled with the sliding weakening slope myxoedema for eight years without a diagnosis.

Someone else had a pea lodged in his lungs, that took years of horrendous foul putrid infections before it was spotted.  Another friend of a friend who had excruciating back pain for four years and was endlessly fobbed off with psychosomatic diagnoses.

So… Where to start?

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