Title (optional)Diagnoses? Well, I have them coming in droves.


Eight consultants with differing views:


May 2010:     Dr A: asthma


March 2011.   Dr B: nothing wrong with lungs.

                        Dr C: tests results entirely normal.


July 2011.      Dr D: haven’t a clue, never come across a case like this before.


April 2012.    Dr E: heart behaving oddly, V/Q mismatch, with an abnormal D-dimer high probability of thromboembolic disease. Autonomic dysfunction?


July 2012.      Dr F: echocardiogram and jugular vein pressure test; mild to moderate pulmonary hypertension.


August 2012. Dr G: Nothing wrong with heart or lungs, dysfunctional breathing.


October 2012. Dr H: bits and pieces not right but not enough to account for breathlessness.  Autonomic dysfunction?



Unexpectedly I find it encouraging.  It is a puzzle. And no one has the answer.


Having said that there is the on-going concern that it is slowly getting worse and there is no one to monitor it.  I have no problems with doctors saying that they don’t know.  What is hard to take is, “There is nothing wrong with you.”  Or those who just give up.  Why is it so hard to get a consultant who is prepared to say “I haven’t a clue, but I will try and find someone who has, and I’ll see you in six months and check how things are and run a few simple tests.”?  Obviously too much to ask. 

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